• Dear Parents and students

    We are living in a fast moving world. Drastic changes and developments are taking place in the field of education. In order to keep our students in the race of new world, we need to implement all the changes occurring in the process of education. In the new and competitive world our emphasis is on quality and to achieve this we have to introduce the most modern educational technology in teaching, learning and in developing creativity with originality. In this process the mindset of the students, parents and the teachers have to be changed.

    New and innovative methods of teaching based on the theories of multiple intelligence and educational constructivism are introduced and the evaluation system is redesigned on the basis of continuous and comprehensive evaluation. All steps are taken to make teaching and learning an enjoyable activity in a total stress free atmosphere. We need to develop multiple talents among the children and to bring them up as a balanced personality to face the challenges of the changing world.

    Ours is a nation with an ancient culture, traditions and values. While we strive for high tech education, it should not be at the cost of our value system. We follow the motto: Shine Bright, Aim High, Be Humble and hence along with modern education, our school should be the center of nourishing, developing and flourishing the human values.

    I wish that all the facilities and infrastructure should be used in best possible way by the students so as to achieve high level of excellence in academics as well as in all other fields and every child should become a true asset for the school, Society and Country.